Soy Wax 10lb and DIY Candle Making Supplies

Soy Wax 10lb and DIY Candle Making Supplies

Soy Wax 10lb and DIY Candle Making Supplies

Are you looking for high-quality soy wax and DIY candle making supplies? Look no further! Our Soy Wax 10lb and DIY Candle Making Supplies kit has everything you need to create beautiful and fragrant candles at home.

What’s Included in the Kit?

Our kit includes:

  • 10lb of premium soy wax
  • 200 6-inch pre-waxed wicks
  • 200 candle wick stickers
  • 2 centering devices

Premium Soy Wax

Our soy wax is made from 100% natural soybeans, ensuring a clean and eco-friendly burn. It has a low melting point, making it easy to work with and perfect for candle making.

Pre-Waxed Wicks

The kit includes 200 6-inch pre-waxed wicks that are ready to use. These wicks are made from high-quality cotton and have been pre-waxed with a natural blend of soy wax and beeswax for a consistent and even burn.

Candle Wick Stickers

To secure the wicks to the bottom of your candle containers, we provide 200 candle wick stickers. These stickers are easy to use and ensure that your wicks stay in place during the pouring and burning process.

Centering Devices

Our kit also includes 2 centering devices that help you position the wicks in the center of your candle containers. These devices are adjustable and can accommodate various container sizes, ensuring a professional-looking finish.

Why Choose Our Soy Wax and DIY Candle Making Supplies?

There are several reasons why our kit is the best choice for your candle making projects:

High-Quality Ingredients

We only use the finest ingredients in our soy wax and DIY candle making supplies. Our soy wax is sourced from trusted suppliers and is free from additives and harmful chemicals.

Easy to Use

Our kit is designed for beginners and experienced candle makers alike. The pre-waxed wicks, wick stickers, and centering devices make the candle making process simple and hassle-free.

Value for Money

With 10lb of soy wax and 200 wicks, our kit offers great value for money. You can make multiple candles with just one kit, allowing you to save on costs and enjoy the creative process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much wax do I need to make a candle?

The amount of wax you need depends on the size of your candle container. As a general rule, you will need approximately 1lb of wax for every 20 ounces of container volume.

2. Can I use other types of wax with this kit?

While our kit is specifically designed for soy wax, you can experiment with other types of wax if desired. However, please note that the wicks and centering devices may need to be adjusted accordingly.

3. Are the wicks pre-tabbed?

Yes, the wicks in our kit come pre-tabbed with a metal base. This makes it easier to secure the wicks to the bottom of your candle containers.


With our Soy Wax 10lb and DIY Candle Making Supplies kit, you can unleash your creativity and make beautiful candles at home. The high-quality ingredients, easy-to-use supplies, and great value for money make this kit a must-have for any candle enthusiast. Start your candle making journey today!

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