JUDRDO Bathroom Trash Can with Automatic Lids

JUDRDO Bathroom Trash Can with Automatic Lids

JUDRDO Bathroom Trash Can with Automatic Lids

This smart garbage bin with lid is a must in any kitchen, especially those messy broken eggs dripping all over your hands, spilled items in refrigerator, or just the general kitchen disasters that require two hands to transport the soaked various items to the nearest recepticle. You can open it with knee beed sensing or hand waving sensing, Don’t have to step on anything or touch anything to get it to open the lovely touchless trashcan.


No Touch Operation

There’s a sensor that picks up when you are close to the aut trash can then opens the lid, waits about 5 seconds and closes it. If you want the can to stay open so that you can empty plates or spend more time tossing stuff into the can you simply hit the “open” button and the lid will stay up. You can turn the motion off or on with just the press of a button. This isn’t a cook item, but no cook should be without it, saves lots of cleanup time.

Battery-Powered Lid

The small touchless trash can has a battery-powered lid, operates on 3 AAA batteries (not included), so you don’t have to touch it to throw something away. But if you choose not to put in batteries or you forget, you can still use it like a regular trash can lid and open it yourself. Our hands free trashbin could hide the garbage bags also, when you need change the garbage bags, just press the lock on the lower bucket to remove the outer barrel, then put grocery bags in inner bucket.

Large Capacity

It’s a large capacity electronic trash can, 4.6 Gallon, 12.6 inch length * 6.7 inch width * 13.3 inch height. The mouth is wide so emptying a plate is not a problem.

Common Questions

What happens if the battery compartment cover falls out?

The only issue that with the motion sensor kitchen waste basket is that if you fill it too full, it can dislodge the battery compartment cover and the batteries will fall out. If you are not noticed this had happened, your battery compartment cover would have been gone forever as it had fallen into the garbage can.

How to prevent the motion sensor from malfunctioning?

Just be sure you don’t let moisture condense under the butterfly garbage can’s lid or get water on the lid. If water gets inside the electronic components, the motion sensor will stop working. Had to leave it out to dry completely before it started working again. And if you plan to put it in a location that is well “trafficed” this might not be a good little sensor trash can because the sensor may activate without wanting to throw anything away into it.


The JUDRDO Bathroom Trash Can with Automatic Lids is a convenient and hygienic solution for any kitchen. Its touchless operation and large capacity make it ideal for handling messy kitchen disasters. With its battery-powered lid, you can easily dispose of trash without touching the can. However, be cautious of the battery compartment cover and avoid exposing the lid to moisture. Overall, this smart garbage bin is a must-have for any cook looking to save time on cleanup.

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