Idelita Italian CRYSTAL Wine Glasses-Set of 6 (Beaujolais(480ML))

Idelita Italian CRYSTAL Wine Glasses-Set of 6 (Beaujolais(480ML))

Idelita Italian CRYSTAL Wine Glasses-Set of 6 (Beaujolais(480ML))

The brand of ??????? originated from the 18th century in Italy. It was designated to provided handmade crystal craftwork for European royalty and aristocracy. The Products were affected by the Renaissance, which adhered to the features of refinement, luxury, dignity, and elegance. Idelita became the famous brand of handmade crystal crafts that was loved by all European countries at that time. Now, Idelita, the pioneer of lead-free crystal glassware in Asia, combines pragmatism with the robust traditional culture into the glassware production technology to inspire a new design culture. Our Italian designer focus on the details, created unique, passionate and superb collections that can meet consumer’s daily use, the demand for wine lovers and the hospitality industry. The comprehensive collections make your choice easier! The professionalism, highly aesthetic, sense of extraordinary laying space, material values, the perception of coherent environment image, and the outstanding traditional production technology form the features of IDELITA’s lead-free crystal glassware. Idelita represents the vogue and elegant lifestyle that brings an enjoyable and elegant wining & dining experience. The crystal product of Idelita is crafted by the world’s top equipment’s, such as furnaces by IWG Germany, blown machines by Forma Austria, and laser cutters by Biebuyck Belgium. Idelita, the art to decorate your life!


  • 100% LEAD FREE CRYSTAL – Unlike crystal wine glasses which contain at least 20% lead, IDELITA’S glassware is made from lead free ultra-clarity crystal. All the wonderful sparkle and flair of fine crystal glass stemware, tempered for durability and carefully crafted to perfectly savor Pinot Noir, Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Chardonnay.
  • MATTE BLACK LUXURY GIFT BOX PACKING: – Classy and Reusable Gift Packaging- Make sure glass safety, more eco-friendly and High quality, which even allows you to take your glasses outdoors. Unique MATTE BLACK box and this wine glass set are perfect choice as gift for Birthday Party, Independence Day, Wedding Anniversary, Newlywed Gifts, Thanks Giving Day, Hallowmas, Christmas day, Hostess Gifts or any special day or occasion.
  • ULTRA CLEAR AND THIN – Idelita Crystal Glass is perfectly clear and the ultra-thin rim with cold cutting enhancing the perceived quality and flavour of any red/white wine. These red/white wine glasses are not too thick yet strong enough to stand daily washing.
  • HANDMADE CRAFTSMANSHIP – Each glass is masterfully shaped and hand blown by artisans using traditional methods. The wide rim is carefully cut and polished to direct the wine to the center of the tongue, creating a harmony of fruit, acidity and tannin flavors. The result is a unique work of art – a delightful experience best shared with fine wine and good company.
  • MADE IN ITALY – Made from Lead Free Premium Crystal Glass-Italian style, lead free, quality of nice restaurant, absolutely luxurious. Idelita’s crystal represents the vogue and elegant lifestyle that brings an enjoyable and elegant wining & dining experience.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE – Idelita’ Platinum Glass process ensures brilliance and crystal clarity. Even when run through 1,500 dishwasher cycles during testing processes, these wine glasses remained flawless, without scratching, fogging, or loss of brilliance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are these wine glasses suitable for everyday use?

Yes, these wine glasses are designed for daily use. They are made from lead-free crystal and are durable enough to withstand regular washing.

2. Can I use these wine glasses for both red and white wines?

Yes, these wine glasses are suitable for both red and white wines. The ultra-thin rim and cold cutting enhance the flavor of any red or white wine.

3. Are these wine glasses dishwasher safe?

Yes, these wine glasses are dishwasher safe. The Idelita Platinum Glass process ensures that they remain flawless even after multiple dishwasher cycles.


Idelita Italian CRYSTAL Wine Glasses-Set of 6 (Beaujolais(480ML)) is a luxurious and elegant choice for wine lovers. Made from lead-free crystal, these wine glasses offer the sparkle and flair of fine crystal glass stemware without the harmful effects of lead. The ultra-clear and thin design enhances the flavor of any red or white wine, while the handmade craftsmanship adds a touch of artistry to each glass. Whether for everyday use or special occasions, these wine glasses are a perfect choice for those who appreciate quality and style.

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