Grouding Sheets with 10% Silver Fiber & Organic Cotton

Grouding Sheets with 10% Silver Fiber & Organic Cotton

Grouding Sheets with 10% Silver Fiber & Organic Cotton

What is Grounding & Grounding:

In ancient times, people walked on the earth barefoot. With the development of human civilization, people began to wear shoes and live in reinforced concrete buildings. Such a way of life directly cut off the connection between human beings and the earth.

Grounding is the direct contact of human body with the ground, so the ancient and natural way is a welfare given to human by nature. The earth is a planet full of a lot of negative charges. There are a lot of free electrons with negative charges on the earth. There is a harmful substance in human body called free radical, which will damage human health. Free radicals are full of positive charges. When the human body is connected with the earth, the free electrons on the earth will be sent to the human body, which will combine with the positively charged free radicals to remove harmful substances. In this way, the human body can keep healthy continuously.

Benefits of Grounding:

  • Improve sleep quality.
  • Relieve body pain.
  • Strengthen human immunity.
  • Recover quickly.
  • Improve nervous system and relieve pressure.
  • Increase energy.

Washing Note:

Do not use bleach softener, do not dry at high temperature. Other washes are similar to regular sheets.

Products Include:

  • 1 * 35×91 inch Grounding Sheet
  • 1 * 15 feet Grounding Cord
  • 1 * Manual

High Silver Fiber Material:

For the first time, high silver fiber and pure natural cotton are used in the grounding sheet, and the silver fiber content reaches 10%. The high content of silver fiber greatly improves the conductivity of the grounding sheet and makes the grounding bed sheet have better grounding effect.

Easy to Use:

The grounding sheet is very simple and convenient to use. The product set is equipped with a 15 feet grounding cord. One end of the grounding cord is connected to the sheet and the other end is inserted into the grounding jack on the wall, the grounding function can be realized.

Benefits of Grounding:

Grounding can improve sleep, improve human immunity, reduce body pain and many other benefits. The principle is that grounding can transfer the free electrons in the earth to the human body, which combines harmful free radicals.

Healthy life style:

The commonly used grounding bed sheet is a healthy life style, which realizes the connection between human body and the earth, and is the return of human beings to nature.

Easy to wash:

The sheet can be washed like the ordinary bed sheet, which will not affect the conductivity and is very durable.

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