Felimoda 6.5 Inch Self Balancing Hoverboard with LED Light – Perfect for Kids and Adults, UL2272 Certified

Felimoda Hoverboard 6.5” Self Balancing Hoverboard: The Ultimate Ride for Kids and Adults


Experience the thrill of gliding effortlessly with the Felimoda Hoverboard 6.5” Self Balancing Hoverboard. This innovative two-wheel self balancing scooter is designed to provide a safe and exciting ride for both kids and adults. With its sleek design, LED lights, and UL2272 certification, this hoverboard is the perfect choice for riders of all ages.

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Key Features:

  • 6.5” wheels for a smooth and stable ride
  • Self balancing technology for easy control
  • LED lights for added style and visibility
  • UL2272 certified for safety and peace of mind
  • Suitable for kids and adults

Why Choose the Felimoda Hoverboard?

1. Safety First: The Felimoda Hoverboard is UL2272 certified, ensuring that it meets the highest safety standards. You can ride with confidence knowing that your hoverboard has undergone rigorous testing for electrical and fire safety.

2. Easy to Ride: The self balancing technology makes it easy for riders of all skill levels to master the hoverboard. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, you’ll be gliding effortlessly in no time.

3. Stylish Design: The sleek and modern design of the Felimoda Hoverboard is sure to turn heads. With its LED lights, you’ll not only be visible during nighttime rides, but you’ll also stand out from the crowd.

4. Fun for All Ages: This hoverboard is suitable for both kids and adults, making it a great choice for family fun. Whether you’re riding in the park or cruising around the neighborhood, the Felimoda Hoverboard guarantees a thrilling experience for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the Felimoda Hoverboard safe for kids?

A: Yes, the Felimoda Hoverboard is designed with safety in mind. It is UL2272 certified, which means it has undergone extensive testing to ensure electrical and fire safety. However, adult supervision is recommended for younger riders.

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: The battery life of the Felimoda Hoverboard can vary depending on factors such as rider weight, terrain, and speed. On average, you can expect a range of 6-9 miles on a single charge.

Q: Can I ride the hoverboard on uneven surfaces?

A: While the Felimoda Hoverboard can handle some uneven surfaces, it is best suited for smooth and flat terrain. Riding on rough or uneven surfaces may affect the performance and stability of the hoverboard.


Experience the thrill of riding the Felimoda Hoverboard 6.5” Self Balancing Hoverboard. With its safety features, sleek design, and suitability for riders of all ages, this hoverboard is the ultimate choice for both kids and adults. Get ready to glide in style and make unforgettable memories with the Felimoda Hoverboard.

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