Color Blind Glasses PILESTONE GM-2 (Type D)

Color Blind Glasses PILESTONE GM-2 (Type D)

Color Blind Glasses PILESTONE GM-2 (Type D)

Pilestone uses innovative technology that allows you to see colors in their true form. Not only will your color vision deficiency be corrected when wearing our color correcting glasses, but you’ll experience the life-changing gift of seeing the true beauty that the world has to offer. We offer a wide variety of color blind glasses to help you see in full color no matter where life takes you.

Experience the True Beauty of the World

Our color correction glasses can, for some, achieve life-changing results. See true color for the very first time and turn washed out color into bright vibrant color. Experience the true beauty of the world in outdoor scenic locations and for indoors, watching TV, gaming, surfing the internet, and much more.

Results Vary Depending on Your Color Vision Deficiency

Results vary depending on an individual’s type and extent of color vision deficiency. GM-2 achieves the best results, more specifically for strong to severe protan color blind types. However, if you believe your color blindness is less severe (deutan or protan), then consider any model type A or B.

Modern and Stylish Design

Our GM-2 glasses are stylish and modern in design, offering unique light-filtering technology. PILESTONE has taken existing technology and worked with leading experts to develop new and much-improved results for the whole color blind community.

See the World in Vibrant Colors

Enjoy seeing rich vibrant colors that most people experience all of the time and take for granted. Why not give yourself or a loved one the life-changing gift of color? The GM-2 frame is designed for young adults and upward fitting.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: How do color blind glasses work?
  • A: Color blind glasses use special filters to adjust the wavelengths of light that reach the eyes, allowing color blind individuals to see a wider range of colors.
  • Q: Can color blind glasses cure color blindness?
  • A: Color blind glasses do not cure color blindness, but they can significantly enhance color perception and allow individuals to see colors they were unable to see before.
  • Q: Are PILESTONE GM-2 glasses suitable for all types of color blindness?
  • A: PILESTONE GM-2 glasses are specifically designed for strong to severe protan color blind types. For less severe color blindness (deutan or protan), other model types like A or B may be more suitable.


Discover the world in its true colors with PILESTONE GM-2 (Type D) color blind corrective glasses. Experience the vibrant colors and true beauty that the world has to offer. Whether you’re outdoors, indoors, watching TV, or gaming, our glasses can help you see in full color. Don’t miss out on the life-changing gift of color. Order your PILESTONE GM-2 glasses today!

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