CANNA Coco Natural – The Ideal Plant Medium for Hydroponic Growing

CANNA Coco Natural – The Ideal Plant Medium for Hydroponic Growing

CANNA Coco Natural – The Ideal Plant Medium for Hydroponic Growing

“CANNA 50l, 25l & 10l coco natural coir hydroponic growing media soil (50 Litre) Please note 10 Litre and 25 Litre will come in a black or Grey Bag.”


CANNA Coco Natural is an organic product that offers numerous advantages for gardeners and their plants compared to other substrates. This natural coco-based plant medium is lightly buffered, free of harmful viruses or soil diseases, and provides an excellent water/air system for optimal cultivation.

The Benefits of CANNA Coco Natural

1. Organic and Harmless

CANNA Coco Natural is an organic product that is very lightly buffered and free of harmful viruses or soil diseases. This ensures a safe and healthy environment for your plants.

2. Ideal Water/Air System

The excellent water/air system of CANNA Coco Natural creates the perfect circumstances for hydroponic cultivation. It allows for proper oxygenation of the roots and efficient nutrient uptake.

3. Protection Against Soil Diseases

CANNA Coco Natural naturally contains a special mould called Trichoderma, which acts as a protective shield against soil diseases. This helps to maintain the health and vitality of your plants.

4. Reusability

CANNA Coco Natural can be used multiple times, making it a cost-effective choice for growers. After each cycle, simply rinse and recondition the coco flakes for future use.

Less Buffering, More Control

The buffering of CANNA Coco Natural is not as heavy as CANNA Coco Professional Plus. This gives you more control over the buffering process and allows for greater influence on the growth and bloom of your plants. If you prefer the same level of buffering as the premium cousin, consider using the CANNA COGr Buffer Agent.

Lightweight and Easy to Transport

Thanks to its light buffering and pre-soaking, CANNA Coco Natural is a lot lighter compared to other coco products. This makes it easier to transport, weighing only 11-12 kilograms. Simply soak it in water a bit more in your grow room before use.


CANNA Coco Natural is a trustworthy and high-quality plant medium that offers organic, lightly buffered, and reusable properties. While it may require more attention and control compared to CANNA Coco Professional Plus, it provides an ideal water/air system and protection against soil diseases. The choice between the two is ultimately yours, depending on your preferences and cultivation goals.

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